Install Ubuntu 17.04 on Windows 10/Oracle VirtualBox

This video show how to install Install Ubuntu 17.04 on Windows 10 with Oracle VirtualBox 5.1. Basically, the steps is very straightforward.

But…after setup, I cannot google in the browser. And it was found some sites can be reached, some sites cannot. Even cannot run apt-get update. After some searching, I found it’s related to DNSSEC in /etc/systemd/resolved.conf.

To fix it, edit the file /etc/systemd/resolved.conf:
$ sudo nano /etc/systemd/resolved.conf

uncomment #DNSSEC=allow-downgrade and replace allow-downgrade with off .

Save and Exit

This video show how:

This page have a good explanation: Hectic Geek – Websites Not Loading (dns issue) After Installing Ubuntu 17.04? [fix]